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Thanks to everyone who took the time to write and please keep them coming it makes our day...
Letter's from parents:

I used your service for an out-of-town need for a babysitter. I was able to connect with a wonderful, respectful, and loving babysitter, Bianca! I would highly recommend this service and this sitter! Thank you.

Millbrae, California

I joined your service last Wednesday and by the following Thursday I had a great babysitter.
Kudo's - this service is great...

The other online babysitting services I tried charged a fee for accessing the names and numbers of babysitters and I received no results. You provide an even better service for free.. I am glad I found your service...

Upon your CSR's suggestion I used the broadcast messaging system to advise sitters listed in my area that I was looking for a sitter. Much to my surpise twenty minutes later I received a reply and from then on they just kept coming in. Thirty one replies in total!...

San Francisco, California

A truly valuable service you have provided our family. Now having a experienced babysitter available allows me more free time...

Our old habit of catching a movie at the local theater on Tuesday nights has become a regular event again thanks to your service...

Your website is very well laid out and I appreciate the amount of information the babysitter provides on her webpage which I can read before contacting them. A fantastic service which...

I have evaluated and have found it provides an excellent service for parents looking for qualified babysitters in their area. Almost two-thirds of today's high school students hold part-time jobs. Having a membership to provides them a nice alternative to flipping hamburgers or bagging groceries.

Carlos Ayala - Founder

Letter's from babysitters:
I was so impressed with this efficient, easy service! I tried the network referral and even passed out flyers, but nothing got me more babysitting jobs than this website! I can choose my options and all of my jobs are within a 15 minute drive to my house! I love it!

Edina, Minnesota

I am 15 years old girl looking for summer employment but so far have not been able to find any jobs in my area. My mother saw your website and suggested I try babysitting for the summer. Their was 2 parents in my area listed who were looking for babysitters plus I have meet 4 more by using your mailbox ads. One parent has a pool in the backyard and expects to use me alot because he is doing renovations in the basement. This is going to be a great summer...

I am a stay at home mom with one child and my husband works the evening shift. With little to do in the evenings I decided to offer a babysitting service to local parents. I then searched the internet for some idea's on how to get started when I found your website. You are the only one I found which offers a babysitter locator service at no cost for parents. That was the deciding factor for me to join along with the marketing materials you supply which I can display around my area to find new customers without giving out any personal information...

I have been babysitting for years and I just love interacting with children. Two of my regular customers have moved recently so I needed to find a few more customers. The cost to join your service was inexpensive so I signed up having little to lose. I was shocked! you listed three parents searching for babysitters of which I have baby sat for one twice and I will be meeting another parent this week...

Through I have met many wonderful families throughout San Diego that have been in need of my services. It is a wonderful service that allows me to get out there without being everywhere! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work

When I signed up for, I didn't think that I would really get much of a response.  To my surprise, I've now been getting an average of one new client every month!  I used to babysit for just one family now and then, and now I have so many families that I babysit for, that they actually schedule their nights out so that I can be available to babysit for them.  This service is amazing, and you really should give it a try.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

To whom it may concern;
I am writing to thank you for such a useful and easy browse-along page, I have been a member for 3 years now and I love the ease of the site. I have had several parents who have contacted me to babysit for them, from which I was able to for just a couple. Thank you for this site, it's impeccable.

Davie, Florida





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