Babysitter Information Sheet - A detailed listing of contact information every babysitter should have on hand

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  Form 2 - The babysitters Information Sheet


The Babysitters Information Sheet:

Moving on to our 2nd Form:

By now you should have decided on what type of babysitting jobs you are capable of handling, committed our personal safety tips to memory and after reviewing the first form in our program, you should have a pretty good idea of what to discuss when meeting your potential new clients for the first time.

Now we will move on to reviewing the most important form in our program. This form is designed to collect critical information you must have before the parents leave you in charge. After reviewing this form, print off a good number of copies and make sure you always have them in your possession before heading out on a babysitting job

The Babysitters Information Sheet:

The babysitter information sheet, is a form filled out by the parents listing all the necessary contact information you will need in the event of an emergency, or if you just need to contact them. Also listed on the form, is the name of the children you are babysitting and if they suffer from any allergies or presently taking any forms of medication.

Following are the fields which make up the Babysitter Information Sheet.

Contact information Section:

  1. Parents full name
  2. Address of the home
  3. Phone number at the house
  4. Where the parents will be
  5. Phone number where the parents can be reached
  6. Parents cell phone or pager number
  7. What time the parents are expected back

Emergency Contact Information:

  1. Who to phone if the parents can't be reached
  2. Name and phone number of neighbor to call on if necessary
  3. Name and phone number of grandparents or other close relatives
  4. Phone number of family physician

Information on the Children:

  1. Name of children
  2. Age of children
  3. Type of allergies they may have
  4. Type of foods or snacks they cannot consume
  5. Is there any of these foods in the house and can they get their hands on it
  6. Are the children talking medication
  7. Do I need to administer any medication and where is it kept

When arriving at your babysitting job, ask the parents for the completed babysitter information sheet . If the sheet is not present when you arrive, supply the parents with a blank copy and ask them to take the time to fill it out.

The one subject which merits the parents and babysitters attention. Which has been addressed on form one, but will be repeated here as well, is the question of medication. Administering medication is a very serious responsibility and ideally should not be part of a babysitter's duties. If it must be done, ask the parents to pre-measure the dosage the child is to receive, write down the time it is to be taken and store it in a secure location.

This now completes our 2nd form and as you did last time, click on the form two tab below to print our form. Then, click your browser's back button to return here, so you can continue on to our 3rd form.

See you there!!!
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